I hate how my labia looks

i’m 15 and i hate how my labia looks. ever since i started masturbating is when i noticed my clit hood grew larger and the skin stretched and made it look absolutely horrible. my labia is a very dark mauve and i am so overly insecure about it. after reading that labiaplasticity is an option i am thoroughly considering it after reading the good reviews it has received. i’m scared that when i am ready for sex boys will not like the appearance of my vagina as it is far from tight and attractive. i know this site promotes self confidence and to love the way ur parts look but i feel like, someone telling me ‘it’s normal and everyone has it’ isn’t going to change my mind on how i view myself and change the fact that I hate how my labia looks.

The first important thing I need to tell you is: you are not alone. Many women experience insecurities about labia size, hence the existence of this project. Many women have labia minora (inner lips) which protrude from their outer lips (referred to as ‘outies’), and many women have darker coloration on their labia compared to the rest of their bodies. What all of this should tell you, is that there is nothing abnormal or even unusual about your labia.

Secondly, it is a myth that masturbation causes the labia to become larger. The labia are very elastic, and masturbation (even with a toy) will not change the appearance of the labia. The body undergoes changes throughout your lifetime, and these are part of natural processes in the body, including hormonal changes.

Thirdly, most guys won’t care if you have an ‘outie’ or an ‘innie’, and if your labia are darker or lighter. They will probably be too excited about the intimacy of the situation to care, and some even prefer an ‘outie’. I encourage you to first explore your own body and love yourself before you get intimate with a guy.

Your first experience should be special and memorable (although that is often not how it turns out), and you should try to have it with someone who loves you for you, and who won’t care about things like the appearance of your vagina. Don’t rush it. You are young, and have a lifetime ahead of you to meet guys and enjoy your sexuality.



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  1. Guys don’t care much what your vulva looks like , most are excited about the opportunity for sex and couldn’t care less what it looks like.

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