is my vagina normal

Is my vagina normal?

This project is amazing. Im 24 years old and I’d never been self conscious about my ‘private areas’ or even paid them that much attention to be honest, and I’d never had any complaints or comments from guys. However after meeting a guy who loved us watching porn together I was shocked – none of the girls looked like me! I started to wonder: is my vagina normal? Their labia were all so small and neat and even – mine just felt like an messy, uneven explosion that hung for miles in comparison. I could tuck them away fairly well but they always found a way to dangle back out! I began to get really self conscious, thinking of myself as some kind of deformed freak. I didn’t want to let anyone go down near that area in case they recoiled in horror! I started considering labia surgery even though I’m very anti cosmetic surgery on any other body part. However after finding this page I feel much happier- there are still times when I feel a bit self conscious with the appearance of mine, but seeing a reminder that normal labia come in all shapes and sizes helps a lot! So I thought I’d share mine to help out any other long labia gals out there who shared my same insecurities!

Thank you for sharing your story and lovely pictures. You are perfectly normal and beautiful in your uniqueness <3


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