Unusual labia

In the past there was a time when I hated my unusual labia and thought they were repulsive. Now, I have a boyfriend who LOVES my large and quite unusual labia and tells me so all the time. Really though he is just a great guy and would love my labia because they are part of me, his beloved. I feel that it helped me to attract the loving and kind man who I had long wanted, to finally learn to love my labia and all parts of my body because they are part of me. Before that, I was at war with myself. It took quite awhile, but I eventually learned to really love all parts of my body, just the way they are, and to love myself. To all the ladies here: You can do it! and you will be so happy in the future they you kept all your body parts that give you such amazing pleasure.

Thank you for sharing your lovely submission – I love your positive attitude! Supportive messages like yours help to make the struggles that others are experiencing easier, as they are a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that body issues can be overcome.


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