protruding clitoris

Protruding clitoris

I have a protruding clitoris which goes past my labia when I am not aroused and is stimulated all day and a problem when working. I don’t know if this problem is common. I want to avoid surgery. I can’t wear panties because my clitoris rubs on them. Without panties I have to frequently wipe between my thighs discretely under my desk while at work due to excess lubrication.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your story and pictures. There are big variations in vulva among different women, including variations in clitoris size. These are natural, and can sometimes be indicative of higher levels of certain hormones in the body (such as testosterone). It is a misnomer that testosterone is a hormone found exclusively in males. Men and women have it, but at different levels.

I suggest trying underwear made from elasticated fabric. Cotton underwear can result in higher friction, which may be contributing to the problem you are experiencing. You could also try panty liners which may decrease the friction and assist in keeping you dry and comfortable due to the excess discharge / lubrication.

I would strongly advise against surgery of the clitoris. There are many nerve endings concentrated there, and surgery is likely to cause damage and reduce or remove sexual pleasure, which the clitoris is designed to provide. Instead, I suggest trying to find a way to make your situation more comfortable based on the suggestions above. If all else fails, I suggest asking your gynecologist for advice on practical things that you can do to decrease discomfort.


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